Friday, September 6, 2019

Escape The City And Explore

Let's escape the city and explore. Brompton brings you to adventures which you have never experienced.

I post some of my adventures with Brompton, exploring Japanese high mountains and being dipped in wonderful hot springs in the great nature.


Brompton Peak Hunting and Hot Spring - Mt. Hakuba Norikura 2,469 m
Brompton S2L and I went over a part of the ridge of the Japanese North Alps, the highest mountain range in Japan with those around 2,000 - 3,000 meter peak elevations, to dip in the Renge Onsen, a mountain hot spring with the best panoramic view located in another side of the mountain.

Adventure for your own wild hot spring - Yumata Hot Spring
Brompton and I went to Yumata Onsen, definitely the most secluded hot springs located deep in the Takase Valley.

Mt. Nasu - Beautiful Snow Mountain with Brompton
Brompton and I went for a snow ride to Mt. Nasu. In order to secure the ride on snow-covered road, Brompton was equipped with a pair of 16-inch stud tires.

Brompton and I  traced the Grand Old Route to Kamikochi.

Mount Gongen, A Paradise of Trail Ride - Mt Gongen 1,312 m
Brompton and I climbed Mt. Gongen up to watch over Mt. Fuji with a snow cap.

Let's go to Nakabusa Hot Spring for a snow ride and downhill
I went to Nakabusa Hot Spring for a snow hill climb with Brompton equipped with a pair of 16-inch stud tires.

A hot spring experience deep in the mountain - Akayu Hot Spring
Brompton and I went to Akayu Onsen which is located deep in the Kiyotsu River.

Bromptons went to the best Island hot springs ever in the world
Bromptons went to the best island onsen located in the Shikine-jima Island. The setting of this onsen couldn’t be more dramatic: it’s located in a rocky cleft in the seashore of the tiny island Shikine-jima. The hot spring pools are formed by the seaside rocks all in nature. It only works when the tide is right.

Hot spring experience after a volcanic mount trail ride - Mt. Adatara 1,699 m
Brompton and I went to Kurogane Onsen where the fresh hot spring is gushing out from the ground of Mount Adatara, an active volcano located in Fukushima Prefecture.

Akiyamago, the most secluded mountain village in Japan
Brompton and I went to Akiyamago, one of the most isolated mountain villages in Japan and located deep to the end of the Nakatsugawa Valley.

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