Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall

Shiretoko is a special place even for Japanese.

Shiretoko means 'end of the earth' in Ainu language. Because of this rich and beautiful nature, Shiretoko is UNESCO's World Heritage site.

Do you know Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall? It is waterfall but at the same time hot spring!

Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall is a hot spring river coming out from Iwo Mountain located in the mid of Shiretoko Peninslar. Watching from the sea, you can see the valley dividing the Iwo Mountaint from the summit to sea shore.

If you get closer,...

The last (hot) waterfall is dropping directly into the sea.

Then, let's go to a trail through a forest. You may meet a wild fox if you are lucky.

I was lucky...

Arrived at Kamuiwakka. Starting to climb the waterfall.

Arrived in one of the fall pods. Temprature was very nice, about 36-40 degree centigrate.

A waterfall trip ended up here. It used to be one of Japan's ultimate hot spring destinations. However, the upper part beyond the point, most spectacular section of the river, has been closed to the public due to the danger of falling rocks.

It's really a secret place where you can visit only during a short summer. The forest path only opens from late June to October because of weather. Only permitted car can enter during high season. However, any time it's open to Brompton and other bikes.

Shuttle Bus Shiretoko Goko Parking → Kamuiwakka
Distance: 10.6km
Maximum difference of an elevation: 119m
Average inclination: total 0% ascent 4.9% descent 4.1%
Gained elevation: ascent 178m descent 176m

Shiretoko National Park Nature Center

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