Friday, September 6, 2019

Escape The City And Explore

Let's escape the city and explore. Brompton brings you to adventures which you have never experienced.

I post some of my adventures with Brompton, exploring Japanese high mountains and being dipped in wonderful hot springs in the great nature.


Brompton Peak Hunting and Hot Spring - Mt. Hakuba Norikura 2,469 m
Brompton S2L and I went over a part of the ridge of the Japanese North Alps, the highest mountain range in Japan with those around 2,000 - 3,000 meter peak elevations, to dip in the Renge Onsen, a mountain hot spring with the best panoramic view located in another side of the mountain.

Adventure for your own wild hot spring - Yumata Hot Spring
Brompton and I went to Yumata Onsen, definitely the most secluded hot springs located deep in the Takase Valley.

Mt. Nasu - Beautiful Snow Mountain with Brompton
Brompton and I went for a snow ride to Mt. Nasu. In order to secure the ride on snow-covered road, Brompton was equipped with a pair of 16-inch stud tires.

Brompton and I  traced the Grand Old Route to Kamikochi.

Mount Gongen, A Paradise of Trail Ride - Mt Gongen 1,312 m
Brompton and I climbed Mt. Gongen up to watch over Mt. Fuji with a snow cap.

Let's go to Nakabusa Hot Spring for a snow ride and downhill
I went to Nakabusa Hot Spring for a snow hill climb with Brompton equipped with a pair of 16-inch stud tires.

A hot spring experience deep in the mountain - Akayu Hot Spring
Brompton and I went to Akayu Onsen which is located deep in the Kiyotsu River.

Bromptons went to the best Island hot springs ever in the world
Bromptons went to the best island onsen located in the Shikine-jima Island. The setting of this onsen couldn’t be more dramatic: it’s located in a rocky cleft in the seashore of the tiny island Shikine-jima. The hot spring pools are formed by the seaside rocks all in nature. It only works when the tide is right.

Hot spring experience after a volcanic mount trail ride - Mt. Adatara 1,699 m
Brompton and I went to Kurogane Onsen where the fresh hot spring is gushing out from the ground of Mount Adatara, an active volcano located in Fukushima Prefecture.

Akiyamago, the most secluded mountain village in Japan
Brompton and I went to Akiyamago, one of the most isolated mountain villages in Japan and located deep to the end of the Nakatsugawa Valley.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


On Saturday August 3, 2019, the 14th Brompton World Championship Final was held in Central London as a part of the Prudential Ride London.

In the morning of the day, approx. 30 friends from the world gathered in front of Brompton Junction London. Jenny, thanks for organizing this. All of us enjoyed the ride.
(photo taken and posted by Ms Jenny Hung)

In the evening, not only riders to participate but also spectators came to The Mall to be a part of this great event for Bromptoneers.

The riders were fully dressed up and ready to run.

Though there was an accident in the previous race, we were all set in the positions on The Mall around 7:30 pm.

Three, two, one, GO!

The race continues until the fastest rider completed 17.2 km, eight laps of the circuit around St. James Park. However, an accident occurred at the end of the race to finish abruptly. Only 24 riders completed eight-lap run this year.

More pleasure than myself was that a cute BWC Japan winner won the third place among the female participants again. She has won the third place in the BWC 2017 and it is the second time. You are great!

I am happy to be a part of BWC Final again. Hope to win next ballot again to run for the 15th anniversary BWC in 2020!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Brompton Bay Ride - MBC July ride with Felipe

We completed a perfect bay ride today before storm arrived in Melbourne.

[ride data]
Route: Federation Square - St Kilda Pier - Albert Park - Flinders Street Station
Distance: 26.04 km
Average speed: 16.4 kph
Equipment: M6L-X raw

Popular St Kilda Pier Cafe was able to accomodated our group of 8 Brompton riders for lunch due to bad weather!

See the video clip for our fun ride.

TOKEN Titanium Bottom Bracket TK868 TBT

If you are going to be a part of BWC 2019, need more speed.

The best way is to train yourself, of course. However, you can get more speed for money. 

TK868TBT is a JIS square taper bottom bracket, one of the lightest bottom brackets on the market with hollow axle made of titanium and with TOKEN ceramic TBT bearings. It is suitable for Brompton and a good investment for BWC2019.

It weighs 160 grams. It saves 120 grams over the original FAG square taper bottom bracket.

This BB is design to offer a worry free direct replacement to the original BB. 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Bromptons joined BALLARAT TWEED RIDE 2019

Today May 26, Bromptons joined a Tweed Ride held in the town of Ballarat, Victoria of Australia. Tweed Ride was a part of the Ballarat Heritage Week event.

As you may know, a Tweed Ride is a bike ride where a group of cyclists dress in historic and vintage attire. It is told that the tradition began in London in the 90s with riders dressing in classic British winter attire and riding through the streets of London. Similar events are now held all around the world.

We assembled at the cannons beside Restaurant Piper's on Wendouree Lake.

Despite forecast, it was a glorious autumnal climate with sunshine but suitable temperature for tweed clothes in the morning.

Six Bromptons made the lineup and a Penny Farthing joined.

The ride began at 11:15 am after a short safety briefing.

It was a big ride!

A ride finished at City Hall. They are award winners for best dressed.

Please enjoy the movie. (equipment: Gopro Hero 7 Black)

#BLMtweedride #BallaratHeritageWeekend #BallaratTweedRide

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Brompton Travelers enjoy Melbourne!

Last weekend Brompton travelers enjoyed Melbourne.

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is a suitable travel destination for Brompton riders because of its friendliness to every cyclist with a variety of nice bike paths. In addition there are choices of day trips including a visit to Winery Restaurants in Yarra Valley, Penguin Parade at Philip Island, and sightseeing of dramatic coastline and limestone cliffs in the Great Ocean Road.

Upon arrival, I brought them to Beach Trail where sunshine and breeze were poured onto runners and bikers.

Looking over lovely beach line.

Famous Brighton Beach.

Second day, we went to the Great Ocean Road with Bromptons.

We reached the Broken Head. The stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming sheer cliffs of hundreds miles.

We became witnesses of the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean.

Third day, my guest Brompton travelers went to Yarra Valley to enjoy lovely food and wine.

We returned to CBD after lunch to unfold Bromptons. The last ride in Melbourne was on Capital City Trail.

While it was a busy three-day stay in Melbourne, they were able to visit all of the three major tourist destinations in Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, Yara Valley, in addition to lovely Brompton rides along beach and river.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Brompton runs Australian Grand Prix

Brompton ran at Albert Park Circuit where Australian Grand Prix was held last week.

I enjoyed Australian Grand Prix last week, overlooking the start line from the Fangio Grandstand.

I supposed that there was still the same F1 course setting today and that it was open to every cyclist for a while. Let's go to Albert Park Circuit to experience an F1 ride with my Brompton S2E.

It was exciting! The following video is for the 2nd LAP. The speed looks like Formula One, using Gopro Hero 7's "TimeWarp" in which HyperSmooth applied to TimeLapse Video.

[Ride Data]
Equipment: S2E
Route: Albert Park Circuit
Distance: 5.2km (x3)
Average Speed: 27.4 km/h (2nd LAP)
Max. Speed: 43.9 km/h (2nd LAP)