Friday, September 17, 2021

Brompton hill climb: Nuruyu Hot Spring in Fukushima Prefecture

 Last Sunday I climbed up toward the end of the mountain trail in Azuma Mountain Range located over Northeast Japan to enjoy hot spring which has cured local people for 300 years.

The name of the hot spring is "Nuruyu Onsen". Nuruyu means relatively low temperature water of about 30-40 degree Celsius. 

The hill climb ride is supposed to be 9.5 km in distance and 762 meters to ascend.

Distance 9.51 km
Time 1:18:43
Average Speed 7.2 km/h
Total Ascend 762 m
Equipment M6L-X 38T chainring

An hour later, I reached Nuruyu Onsen Nikaido Inn. The historic buildings are registered tangible cultural property.

A lovely cat welcomed me and Brompton.

The hot spring is famous for curing. The spring directly comes from the earth beside the bath house. It is not at all oxidized, very fresh hot water. Japanese hot spring enthusiasts believe that fresh onsen maximizes efficacy to cure  illness, injury and fatigue.

Wow. Nuruyu of 31.8 degree Celsius cools my overheated legs and cures muscle pain.

On the way down, I looked over Mt. Azuma, beautifully sitting there with the September blue sky. It is one of the best rides after my return to Japan.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Brompton with Tulips in full bloom

Last Sunday Brompton and I went to see tulips in full bloom at Akebono-yama agricultural experiment station in Chiba Prefecture.

Akebono-yama agricultural experiment station is famous for a Dutch Windmill and tulips in full bloom in spring.

Spring is in full bloom. 

Today Brompton wears yellow handgrips and saddle.

Yellow handgrips and saddle of M6L-X match with yellow tulips.

Do you enjoy Brompton ride?