Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hot spring experience after a volcanic mount trail ride

A day before yesterday Brompton and I went to Kurogane Onsen where the fresh hot spring is gushing out from the earth of Mount Adatara, an active volcano located in Fukushima Prefecture.

How to get there?
1. Take Tohoku Shinkansen (departing JR Tokyo Station at 6:04 am) to JR Koriyama Station
2. Change to a local train (Tohoku Line, north bound) then get off at Nihonmatsu Station
3. Take Bus (departing Nihonmatsu Station at 8:15 am) bound for "Okudake"
4. Get off the bus at "Okudake," the last stop
5. Unfold Brompton and enjoy a trail ride to Kurogane Lodge which is 5km away

[ride data]

Distance: 15.5 km (from Okudake bus stop to Kurogane Lodge 5 km, Kurogane Lodge to Dake Onsen 10.5 km)
Max. difference of an elevation: 810 m
Gained elevation: total ascending 415 m and descending 813 m

Get on Shinkansen at Tokyo Station. It takes an hour to get to Koriyama Station then change to local train to Nihonmatsu Station. 

At Nihonmatsu Station, get on the bus bound for OKUDAKE.

You have arrived at OKUDAKE, the final stop. You start a ride here to Kurogane Hot Spring. 

A part of the forest has started to change its color for fall and winter.

A view from the mid of Mount Adatara was nice.

The trail is only permitted to hikers, bikes and a Land Cruiser with permission.

See. There is Kurogane Lodge located between the mountains. What a stunning view!

Brompton and I hurried to the lodge, thinking of good feeling and smell of the hot spring.

I dipped myself into this fresh and excellent hot spring gushing out from the nearby volcano.

I washed all the sweat out and enjoyed the view and cool wind from the window, drinking a bottle of cold mineral water.

The source of the hot spring is just nearby the lodge. Please note that the place was dangerous for poisonous gas and some volcanic activities.

Today's mission completed. I love this mission.

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