Monday, January 15, 2018

Brompton goes to Bass Coast Rail Trail

Weeks ago Brompton and I went out for a ride to the Bass Coast Rail Trail located approx. 130 km  southeast of Melbourne. It is one of the most scenic rail trails in Victoria.

The trail is part of former 
"Powlett River Railway", a branch line from Nyora to Wonthaggi.  The line was opened in 1910 to service the coal mines, passengers, and farm produce around Wonthaggi and Kilcunda. Quality coal produced in the area once supported Victorian Railway's culmination as fuel for locomotives.  However, not only motorization in the 1960's but fuel conversion during the 1950's impacted the line. The line was closed in 1978 due to decline in passengers and mining. When the rail track was dismantled in 1988, the southern half section (17km from Anderson to Wonthaggi) was renovated as a rail trail for people's memory.

Distance: 28km (Anderson→Kilcunda→Wonthaggi→Kilcunda)
Average speed: 18km/hour

In the morning, I took a V-line bus from Southern Cross Station to Anderson where the Bass Coast Rail Trail starts.  

A steady down slope continues from Anderson to Kilcunda. The section approaches the sea near Kilcunda.

There are nice waves washing the beach today.

Brompton runs across the iconic trestle bridge over Bourne Creek. 

Surfers enjoy waves.

On the way from Kilcunda to Wonthaggi, there is a wooden bridge over Powlett River. Windmills are seen far from here.

Finally we arrives at former Wonthaggi Station.

The trail links to the George Bass Coastal Walk at Kilcunda. When I came back to Kilcunda, I enjoyed a short ride before I got on the bus at Kilcunda.

If you have time, you may enjoy the coastal walk from Shelley Beach to the beach at Punch Bowl.

Brompton completed the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail 57km

Brompton and I completed all the way of the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail between Skipton and Ballarat weeks ago. The Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail continues 55 kilometers along the old Skipton railway line from Ballarat toward Skipton via Haddon, New Town, and Linton.  Nimmons Bridge, a restored trestle bridge is located in the middle of the trail.

Last June, Brompton and I did only a half way to Nimmons bridge because a return ride seemed too long and not easy for Brompton.

In order to go all the way within a day trip from Melbourne, I decided to use V-line bus from Ballarat Station to Skipton.

Getting on the 11:50 V-Line bus bound for Hamilton, it took about an hour to arrive at Skipton where I started today.

[Ride data]
Equipment: M6L-X
Route: Old Skipton Station to Wenduree Station (Ballarat)
Distance: 58.8km
Max. Difference of Elevation: 199m
Average Slope: total 0.3% Ascend 1.9% Descend 2%
Acquired Elevation: Ascend 350m Descend 204m

The trail started. Ballarat is 55km away from the trail head.

The trail runs across farm lands.

After a while, the trail approaches the sections of woods land and mountains.

The trail continues. The trail has a distance post in every kilo meter.

Took a short break at Linton Station.

I found ruins of the old bridge passing over the trail near old Happy Valley station.

Approaching the landmark of the trail now.

Brompton and I finally reached the Nimmons Bridge, a beautifully restored trestle bridge.

The bridge goes across the Woady Yaloak River which rises around west of Ballarat and flows generally south towards Lake Martin and then Lake Corangamite. Though the valley is relatively huge, volume of water is small.

After lunch break at the bridge, Brompton and I continued for another hours to end up the ride at Wenduree Station.

It was an impressive trail ride on the old railway which once connected people in the gold field.