Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brompton goes to the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail

Brompton goes to the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail.

The Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail in western Victoria runs approx. 53 kilometers along the old Skipton railway line from Ballarat toward Skipton via Haddon, New Town, and Linton.  A famous historic timber bridge is located in the middle of the trail. I wanted to see the bridge.

Brompton and I arrived at WENDOUREE Station where is close to the trail entrance.

It was fine with blue sky.

Let's go to that famous wooden bridge.

The surface was very smooth with compacted granite sand.

There was a section of pine trees with shade. Poisonous mushrooms, called the fly agaric or fly amanita, popped up here and there. Do not eat. Otherwise you will be a frog and are not able to be a human again.

It past 2 hours. Finally reaching Nimmons Bridge, the landmark of the trail way.

Looking over the river and happy valley from the bridge.

From the foot of the bridge.

It is great to renovate such a wonderful and beautiful bridge to use for a bike ride.

Though it was only a half way, I decided to go back because rain was expected in the afternoon. Today's ride was in total 60 kilo meters, a good training for BWC 2017 scheduled on July 29.

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