Monday, April 28, 2014


Kamikōchi, a sanctuary in the heart of the Japan Alps, is the place you must go as long as season is good.

You can take an express train from JR Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station.

I advise you to bring your own Brompton.

At Matsumoto Station, change to Matsumoto Railway to go to Shin-Shimashima Station.

At Shin-Shimashima, please get bus to Kamikōchi.

It takes about an hour and half to Kamikōchi Bus Terminal.

Nature of Kamikōchi is perfectly preserved.

A group of wild monkeys are also well preserved. Hi!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cherry Blossoms Bloom

Brompton and I have been in Hocchi to see the cherry blossoms.

route: From Numata Station to Shiei-juutaku Iriguchi, take bus. Then starting to ride to Hocchi and Kamihocchi
distance: 10.5km
maximum difference of an elevation: 208m
average % of inclination: total 1.8% ascent 3.4% descent 2.2%
gained elevation: ascent 220m descent 35m

Weeping cherry trees in full bloom at Tenshoji temple. I was lucky.

Next, another kind of cherry blossom, Higanzakura. It is very famous tree of Natural Monument (Gunma Prefecture Designated). The cherry tree is in full bloom on April 19.

Then, a huge weeping cherry blossom at Kamihocchi. This tree is often called Jizo Zakura, a cherry blossom with stone statue. Can you see small Jizo and my brompton at the foot of the tree?

The tree still needs some more days to bloom but scarlet buds are beautiful with the blue sky backdrop. It will bloom soon next week.