Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brompton goes goldmining

If you love gold, Ballarat is a good place to visit. Ballarat has also a history to learn. A part of the history in Australia started from the town. I wanted to confirm that the town still left its glitter of the glorious days.

(The above is one of the gold displayed at Gold Museum.)

During holidays, Brompton and I went to Ballarat, a town of gold mining, by V/Line.

distance: 7.3km 
max. difference of elevation: 89m
average % of slope: total 0.5% ascent 5.3% descent 4%
acquired elevation: ascent 120m descent 80m

The historic buildings in Ballarat are well preserved and maintained. 

We were following the Canadian River toward Sovereign Hill.

Arriving in the nineteenth century grand old town of Sovereign Hill.  

And finally reached the gold mining site. Unfortunately gold mining had ceased for long time.

Instead of gold mining, I enjoyed a show of GOLD POUR.

To make up for a large gold nugget, I acquired a dozen of gold chocolates for my friends and family. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bromptons went to St. Kilda Pier

I joined a group of local Brompton riders in Melbourne to go for a ride. 

Route: Federation Square - Sandridge Rail Trail - Bayside Trail - St. Kilda Pier (return trip)
Distance: 21.3km

Six Bromptons and one Dahon met up at Fed Square. Dyna and others already started a ride earlier and arrived from Brunswick.  

We started a ride to the bayside trail via Sandridge Rail Trail.

After arriving the seashore, we took east to St. Kilda. A tail wind accelerated our speed to the pier.

Reaching the pier to end up today's ride. 

Finally we arrived at the pier. 

When Dyna proposed to take a photo of Brompton bikes in front of the pier building, I understood that the cult of Brompton bikes had spread globally. What I mean is that Brompton owners love to take a shot of bikes in a row when gathered or visited somewhere. I am quite familiar with this view. Yes, this is what Japanese Bromptonians are doing every another month in the park of Imperial Palace in Tokyo. I am interested in this similarity seen anywhere Bromptons exist in the world.

I really enjoyed the ride and chat with Bromptonians in Melbourne. Dyna, thanks for organising today's ride. Derek, Erwin, Monica, Khoa, thanks for letting me join the group.