Monday, January 13, 2014

Brompton to go to Hakone

Brompton and I went to Hakone.

In order to get to Hakone, you take Odakyu line from Sinjuku Station to Hakone Yumoto Station and change to Hakone Tozan Railway, a mountain railway.

Then get off the mountain railway at Miyanoshita. You can take bus from there or get a Brompton ride to Motohakone, a lake shore of Ashinoko lake.

[Transportation example]
Odakyu line HAKONE express train: Shinjuku 07:30am → Hakone Yumoto 08:55 am
Hakone Tozan Railway: Hakone Yumoto 09:11am → Miyanoshita 09:37am total 2344yen
Bus: Miyanoshita Station 09:47am → Motohakone Port 10:09am

Taking a photo with a backdrop of Ashinoko Lake.

Hakone Shrine.

A lot of foreign travelers.

A fortune lottery.