Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sawada-koen Rotemburo Onsen

Sawada-kōen Rotemburo Onsen is introduced as "Best Rotemburo" in Lonely Planet. I agree.

Brompton and I went to this secret hot spring. I visited here after another hot spring in Matsuzaki.

Route: Izu kyuko line "Ina azusa" station → Sawada-kōen Rotemburo Onsen
Distance: 23.7km
Maximum difference of an elevation: 272m
Average % of inclination: total -0.2% ascent 3.6% descent 3.7%
Gained elevation: ascent 270m descent 302m

Get off the train at Ina Azusa Staion.
Go over Basara pass.
After Basara Tunnel, you start downhill.

Nishina fishery Harbour. A quiet inlet.

Sawada-kōen Rotemburo is over there. Before going up, you need to pay 500 yen to a gentleman in the parking hut.

I climbed the cliff with Brompton and finally got a view from the top. From the lefr, Takashima (Tall island), Nakanoshima (Mid island), and Zoshima (Elephant island).

You can enjoy a wonderful view of West Izu. Onsen is excellent. I need to come back again.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sushi Zanmai

Because I was hungry after a Brompton activity, I went to a Sushi restaurant in Tsukiji, near Ginza area.

A sushi bars around the area are all qualified!



Shima-aji, Tuna and Kanpachi



Sushi Zanmai (main branch)
4-11-9 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (close to Tsukiji crossing)
(many other branches throughout Tokyo)
+81 (0) 3 3541 1117