Saturday, August 22, 2015

Adventure for your own wild hot spring

Brompton and I went to Yumata Onsen, definitely the most secluded hot springs located deep in the Takase Valley.

I arrived in Shinano Omachi Station early in the morning.

The ride started from Takase Dam.

 There are three tunnels which were originally built for the construction of the dam.

When I looked back, there was wonderful scenery of the mountain range.

Trail started from here but I continued a ride.

What a beautiful color it is!

Finally reached Yumata Onsen Lodge.

Leaving my Brompton at Yumata Onsen Lodge, I went further toward the end of the valley to experience an extremely secluded mountain hot spring.

Here it is! Hot water gushing out here and there. You can make your own hot spring bath tub with rocks and stones!

Here we go!

After the wild experience of my own open air bath, I came back to Yumata Onsen Lodge and bathed again.

It was a wonderful experience of nicest hot spring surrounded by mountains!

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