Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bromptons go to Great Victorian Rail Trail - Second day

In the morning Bromptons left Molesworth for Bonnie Doon.

2nd day
From Molesworth to Bonnie Doon
Distance 47.7km (one way)
Maximum difference in elevation 233m
Average % of slope ascent 2.3% descent 2.2%
Acquired elevation ascent 322m descent 194m

Weather is further improved on the second day.

We stopped to see a herd of sheep across the rail trail.

Suddenly I got puncture tire. Friends offered me a new tube and helped me to fix it. Thanks! 
(photo taken by Stephen Powell)

We arrived at Yarck. A short break at The Giddy Goat Cafe.

The trail continues to the sky.

It is really a great trail!

We are approaching the goal, Bonnie Doon Bridge.

While my friends continued the ride to Mansfield tomorrow, I went home by a 18:15 bus bound for Southern Cross Station.

It was a wonderful trail ride with nice friends. I need to come back here soon.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Bromptons go to Great Victorian Rail Trail - First day

Last weekend three Bromptons ran through the Great Victorian Rail Trail which follows a trace of the old Goulburn Valley Railway track branching from Tallarook. Mansfield where the trail ends is 121 km away.

The three Bromptons assembled at Tallarook Station where the Great Victorian Rail Trail started.

Our goal today is Molesworth where is 58 km away from the station.

1st day
From Tallarook Station to Molesworth
Distance 58.4km (one way)
Maximum difference in elevation 149m
Average % of slope ascent 2.1% descent 2.0%
Acquired elevation ascent 333m descent 327m

The trail continues with mild slopes ascending and descending.

I met the beautiful horse again. She likes Brompton and always bites a handle grip. I beg you to stop eating. 

Passing dozen of excavations on the old railway, we are approaching Yea.

Arriving old Yea Station.

Yea is a small but lovely town in the mid of the Goulburn Valley.

After a short break, we continued to ride.

After half an hour, we reached famous Cheviot Tunnel which was built in 1891.

Molesworth is not far from the tunnel. 

(to continue to the second day)