Sunday, November 15, 2020

Mt. Fuji capped with snow

A day in mid November, Brompton and I went to Tenka Chaya, a historic tavern in the mountain with a perfect view of Mt. Fuji.


Route: Fujikyu Railway Somoyoshida Sta. ~ Misaka Pass ~ Fuefuki City
Total Distance: 42.31 km (hillclimb part 16.29 km)
Elev Gain: 1,335 m (min elev 256m max elev 1,416m)
Moving Time: 2:47:39
Avg Moving Speed: 15.1 kph
Calories: 1,307 k C
Equipment: M6L-X (44T chain ring)

Started from Shimo Yoshida Station.

Found a local shrine on the way.

Gradually gaining elevation. On the way of hill climb to Misaka Pass, a view of Mt. Fuji appeared time to time.

The mountain, Mount Mitsutoge, was filled with autumn colors.

At 1300 meters above sea level, a whole body of Mt. Fuji suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

I love to see this snow capped Mt. Fuji. Sacred and majestic.

Before long, I arrived at Tenka Chaya, where a Japanese famous novelist Dazai stayed to name it Tenka Chaya, meaning the best view of Mount Fuji.

She is Koume, a restaurant dog. 

After freezing ride in the mountain, I enjoyed Hoto, a signature noodle menu in the restaurant.