Saturday, December 21, 2013

Matsumoto-jō (Matsumoto Castle)

Matsumoto-jō is Japan's oldest castle and one of four castles designated National Treasures. If you come to Tokyo, Matsumoto is relatively easy to approach by train.

It takes just 10 minutes from Matsumoto Station by Brompton.

If you visit the castle in winter, you can have this view early in the morning.

It is common among Japanese that tasty spring water comes out everywhere in Matsumoto.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wada Cycle, a Brompton expert shop in Tokyo

Wada Cycle is an expert of small wheel bikes. If you face any trouble or need repair of your Brompton, why do not visit Wada. The mechanics (including Wada-san, shop owner) will take care of your Brompton.

Wada Cycle
Business hour: 13:00~21:00
Address: 4-1-1, Momoi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-3399-3741
Holiday: tuesday and wednesday

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pizza Campagna

Summer comes. Brompton and I need to go to Kururi for a piece of tasty pizza.

FromTokyo, use JR Sobu line to Chiba and transfer to Uchibo line to Kisarazu. Then take Kururi-line to the end of the line, Kazusa-Kameyama Station.

Route: JR Kururi line Kazusa Kameyama Station→Kameyama Lake→Campagna→Kururi Station→Higashi Yokota Station
Distance: 37.3km
Maximum difference in elevation: 148m
Average inclination: total -0.2% ascent 3.6% descent 3.3%
Gained elevation: ascent 322m descent 395m

Kazusa Kameyama Station.

Rice field in summer.

Arriving at Pizza Campagna.

Quattro Formaggi, wonderful taste.

Mura-no Pizza-ya Campagna
Kimitsu City

Chiba Prefecture
phone 0439-29-2373

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Brompton Japanese Championship 2013 in Makuhari

I participated in Brompton Japanese Championship (BJC) 2013 in Makuhari.

At the opening ceremony, all the participants roared!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Takaosan, or Mt. Takao, is a mountain with an elevation of 599 meters. It is only an hour away from Shinjuku, so it's a very popular place for local people in Tokyo. The 2007 edition of Michelin’s Voyager Pratique Japon, the famous French travel guidebook, awarded Mt. Takao and Mt. Fuji the maximum of three stars.

[Transportation examples]
From Shibuya to Takaosan
Keio Inogashira line: Shibuya 08:21- Meidaimae 08:31
Keio line: Meidaimae 08:35 - Takaosan guchi 09:25
381 yen (IC)

From Shinjuku to Takaosan
Keio line: Keio Shinjuku 08:29 - Takaosan guchi 09:25
381 yen (IC)

Some day in winter, I went to Takaosan.

You can use a cable car to the middle of Takaosan.

It is Tako Sugi, a famous big tree.

Arrived at the gate of Takaosan Yakuouin.

This temple is believed to have been built in 744 by Saint Gyoki. The temple is one of the three head quarters of the Shingon Chizan school Bhuddism with Naritasan and Kawasakidaishi. I saw a lot of foreigners here. Takaosan is very popular among foreign travelers because of Michelin Guide.

A second building.

A staircase still continues to the summit. However I stopped here today because I did not expect to observe Mt. Fuji from the peak.

You can see Mount Fuji from the peak if you are lucky with blue sky. (the photo was taken on another day in summer.)