Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shiriyaki Hot Spring

Today Brompton and I went to the Shiriyaki Onsen hot spring in Gunma prefecture.

Route: Hanashiki Onsen bus stop 花敷温泉バス停 → Shiriyaki Onsen 尻焼温泉
Distance: 1km
Maximum difference of an elevation: 46m
Aveledge % of slope: total 4.5% ascent 3.2% descent 0%
Gained elevation: ascent 27m descent 0m

Because the route from Naganohara-kusatsu-guchi to the Shiriyaki hot spring was a lot of slopes ups and downs, I took a bus to Hanashiki Onsen bus stop.

Then unfolded the bike and started on the snow road.

Wow, fully covered by fresh snow!

 I enjoyed a snow ride on Brompton.

I found a car stucked on the snow road due to its normal tires. I told them that the hot spring was quite near.

Arrived a village. There are two old-fashioned hotel, SEKISEIKAN and KOZANSO. The hot spring where I want to go today is 200 meters away in the river!

Crossing over the bridge, I can see the special hot spring here.

A hot spring is in the middle of this river. In other words, this river is a hot spring riveer!

 Even after heavy snow, it is hot. We can see some steam from the surface of the river.

 Let's go!

It was a fantastic experience of a secret hot spring surrounded by big nature of a secluded mountain valley.