Saturday, July 18, 2015

A hot spring experience deep in the mountain

Last Saturday Brompton and I went to Akayu Onsen, one of the most secluded hot springs located deep in the Kiyotsu River.

Distance: 27.1km (round trip)
Max difference in elevation: 293m
Acquired elevation: 812m


I got onto Shinkansen with brompton early in the morning. It took only 80 minutes from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa Station, 160km northwest of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

At Echigo Yuzawa Station I changed to the bus bound for the Naeba Ski Resort. It took just 30 minutes. The bus was full of the mountain-climbers.

Started riding in front of Naeba Prince Hotel.

In the mid July a wild hydrangea still bloomed in the high mountain.

After 5km ride on the unpaved hilly mountain road, there was a sign of road being closed but a bike.

Proceeded. Just after crossing the bridge, Brompton and I were surprised at a stunning mountain and river view.

The next 3km was relatively wild and hilly road but Brompton was still able to go.

Crossing one of the mountain streams, Bosawa. Water is shining and green is beautiful.

I left Brompton at the foot of the bridge and started to walk because the wild mountain path was waiting after Bosawa. I need to go over Takanosu Pass with an elevation of 1184m.

After an hour, a bridge suddenly appreared in my sight down there. The destination was close!

I caught up and talked to these climbers. They also wanted to dip themselves in the hot spring here.

I finally arrived at Akayu Onsen Hot Spring Yamaguchi Lodge. Yamaguchi family has managed this remote cottage deep in the mountain for the past hundred years. Many mountain climbers and hikers are familier with the hot spring and stay here to attack Naeba Mountain where is a holy place for the people from the anciant age.

What a beautiful day! It was a wonderful daytrip with Brompton in summer.

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