Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bromptons go to Great Victorian Rail Trail - Second day

In the morning Bromptons left Molesworth for Bonnie Doon.

2nd day
From Molesworth to Bonnie Doon
Distance 47.7km (one way)
Maximum difference in elevation 233m
Average % of slope ascent 2.3% descent 2.2%
Acquired elevation ascent 322m descent 194m

Weather is further improved on the second day.

We stopped to see a herd of sheep across the rail trail.

Suddenly I got puncture tire. Friends offered me a new tube and helped me to fix it. Thanks! 
(photo taken by Stephen Powell)

We arrived at Yarck. A short break at The Giddy Goat Cafe.

The trail continues to the sky.

It is really a great trail!

We are approaching the goal, Bonnie Doon Bridge.

While my friends continued the ride to Mansfield tomorrow, I went home by a 18:15 bus bound for Southern Cross Station.

It was a wonderful trail ride with nice friends. I need to come back here soon.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Bromptons go to Great Victorian Rail Trail - First day

Last weekend three Bromptons ran through the Great Victorian Rail Trail which follows a trace of the old Goulburn Valley Railway track branching from Tallarook. Mansfield where the trail ends is 121 km away.

The three Bromptons assembled at Tallarook Station where the Great Victorian Rail Trail started.

Our goal today is Molesworth where is 58 km away from the station.

1st day
From Tallarook Station to Molesworth
Distance 58.4km (one way)
Maximum difference in elevation 149m
Average % of slope ascent 2.1% descent 2.0%
Acquired elevation ascent 333m descent 327m

The trail continues with mild slopes ascending and descending.

I met the beautiful horse again. She likes Brompton and always bites a handle grip. I beg you to stop eating. 

Passing dozen of excavations on the old railway, we are approaching Yea.

Arriving old Yea Station.

Yea is a small but lovely town in the mid of the Goulburn Valley.

After a short break, we continued to ride.

After half an hour, we reached famous Cheviot Tunnel which was built in 1891.

Molesworth is not far from the tunnel. 

(to continue to the second day)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Brompton 2018 Model

Brompton 2018 model is now disclosed in Japanese market. The shops are releasing information about the specifications and new accessories.

 (source: Brompton Bicycle

Description of New 2018 Brompton

There is no big change in its specification but only small improvements/modification while 2017 model changed a lot.....

1. New Brake Calipers
Brompton Brake Caliper Dual Pivot (Front and Rear) will appear with new shape.
 (source: Brompton Junction Tokyo

 (source: Brompton Japan

2. M/H and P type Tyre change to Schwalbe Marathon Racer. Possible termination of Brompton original tyres.
specification: 16x1.50 40-305 255g
(source: Schwarbe official page

3. New color 
2018 Black Edition Brompton will have a new color, black lacquer, while Stardust Black will terminate. As long as I speculate, the new color is a bit similar to that color of Yoshi's original Brompton.

Other than black lacquer addition, Raw Lacquer changes to gloss type paint.

left: black lacquer, center: raw lacquer gloss, right: raw lacquer matt
(source: Brompton Japan


Current Black, Lagoon Blue, Berry Crash to only two colors, Black and Lagoon Blue.

Current Lime Green, Lagoon Blue, Black will continue and two more kinds with Brompton designed cover will be added.

There will be two types, Reflective/black and Grey only. 

mini O-BAG
Only Black Reflective will be offered.

Saddle Bag Rucksack
A newly introduced bag for transportation. The new rucksack folds into a saddle bag to attach to the seat post when you start to ride Brompton.  

(source: Y's Road Yokohama official page

You can climb a mountain with your Brompton in this rucksack. Please see the article Brompton Peak Hunting and Hot Spring.


Please note that some information might be only applicable for Japanese market.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017



Do you know CYCLE AROUND JAPAN? The movie program offered by NHK (Japan's national broadcasting station) proposes a journey in Japan to enjoy the adventure on a bike.

Above all the video clips, I like Paul's journey to Nagano.


Nagano - Life Deep in the Mountains - Broadcast on August 19, 2017

Australian Paul Salisbury takes on the challenge of a 2,000-meter peak in Nagano Prefecture. The Japan Alps mountain pass provides breathtaking views to inspire him onward and upward. Off the bike, Salisbury experiences traditions such as the harvesting of wasabi plants in pristine waters and the making of baskets from wild bamboo. All in all, he travels 300 kilometers across the verdant ridges and valleys of Nagano, finding new encounters around every bend.


Paul visited KaruizawaMatsumoto CastleOtari Hot Spring, and Shibu Pass, one of the highest elevations of the roads in Japan. I have been in all those places with my Brompton. They are all wonderful destinations to go!

Matsumoto Castle

Three Bromptons reached the Shibu Pass of 2172 meter high

A church in Karuizawa

Otari Hot Spring Yamada Ryokan (bath tub)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Brompton World Championship Final 2017 (BWC2017)

On Saturday July 29, 2017, the 12th Brompton World Championship Final was held in Central London as a part of the Prudential Ride London.

A lot of Bromptoneers came from all over the world for the race. In the morning of the day, approx. 30 friends from the world gathered in front of Brompton Junction London. Jenny, thanks for your plan.

Though it was rainy today, the riders were fully dressed up and ready to run.

At 19:10 pm, we were all set in the positions on the Mall.

 Three, two, one, GO!
 Source: Brompton Official Facebook page

Due to wet surface, riders were getting soaked and muddy. 
Source: Brompton Official Facebook page

The race continued until the fastest rider completed 17.2 km, eight laps of the circuit around St. James Park. After 30 minutes and seven laps – a lap behind the fastest rider – the chequered flag was waved for me and over. I was really worn out but was able to improve the result from last year. Good.

More pleasure than myself was that a cute japanese friend won the third place amongst the female participants in the BWC Final. Congratulations!

On this rainy but exciting summer day, I was luckily able to be a part of BWC Final again. It must be one of the culminations for my Brompton life to be memorized.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dear Bromptoneer

See you in LONDON.


Dear Bromptoneer

Congratulations! You've been selected for a place in the 12th Brompton World Championship final.

The Brompton World Championship final will take place on Saturday 29 July (time TBC) as part of the Prudential RideLondon festival of cycling in St James' Park, London.

We hope that you're looking forward to it as much as we are. See you in July!

The Brompton Team
Prudential RideLondon


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brompton goes to the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail

Brompton goes to the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail.

The Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail in western Victoria runs approx. 53 kilometers along the old Skipton railway line from Ballarat toward Skipton via Haddon, New Town, and Linton.  A famous historic timber bridge is located in the middle of the trail. I wanted to see the bridge.

Brompton and I arrived at WENDOUREE Station where is close to the trail entrance.

It was fine with blue sky.

Let's go to that famous wooden bridge.

The surface was very smooth with compacted granite sand.

There was a section of pine trees with shade. Poisonous mushrooms, called the fly agaric or fly amanita, popped up here and there. Do not eat. Otherwise you will be a frog and are not able to be a human again.

It past 2 hours. Finally reaching Nimmons Bridge, the landmark of the trail way.

Looking over the river and happy valley from the bridge.

From the foot of the bridge.

It is great to renovate such a wonderful and beautiful bridge to use for a bike ride.

Though it was only a half way, I decided to go back because rain was expected in the afternoon. Today's ride was in total 60 kilo meters, a good training for BWC 2017 scheduled on July 29.

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