Friday, September 17, 2021

Brompton hill climb: Nuruyu Hot Spring in Fukushima Prefecture

 Last Sunday I climbed up toward the end of the mountain trail in Azuma Mountain Range located over Northeast Japan to enjoy hot spring which has cured local people for 300 years.

The name of the hot spring is "Nuruyu Onsen". Nuruyu means relatively low temperature water of about 30-40 degree Celsius. 

The hill climb ride is supposed to be 9.5 km in distance and 762 meters to ascend.

Distance 9.51 km
Time 1:18:43
Average Speed 7.2 km/h
Total Ascend 762 m
Equipment M6L-X 38T chainring

An hour later, I reached Nuruyu Onsen Nikaido Inn. The historic buildings are registered tangible cultural property.

A lovely cat welcomed me and Brompton.

The hot spring is famous for curing. The spring directly comes from the earth beside the bath house. It is not at all oxidized, very fresh hot water. Japanese hot spring enthusiasts believe that fresh onsen maximizes efficacy to cure  illness, injury and fatigue.

Wow. Nuruyu of 31.8 degree Celsius cools my overheated legs and cures muscle pain.

On the way down, I looked over Mt. Azuma, beautifully sitting there with the September blue sky. It is one of the best rides after my return to Japan.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Brompton with Tulips in full bloom

Last Sunday Brompton and I went to see tulips in full bloom at Akebono-yama agricultural experiment station in Chiba Prefecture.

Akebono-yama agricultural experiment station is famous for a Dutch Windmill and tulips in full bloom in spring.

Spring is in full bloom. 

Today Brompton wears yellow handgrips and saddle.

Yellow handgrips and saddle of M6L-X match with yellow tulips.

Do you enjoy Brompton ride?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Mt. Fuji capped with snow

A day in mid November, Brompton and I went to Tenka Chaya, a historic tavern in the mountain with a perfect view of Mt. Fuji.


Route: Fujikyu Railway Somoyoshida Sta. ~ Misaka Pass ~ Fuefuki City
Total Distance: 42.31 km (hillclimb part 16.29 km)
Elev Gain: 1,335 m (min elev 256m max elev 1,416m)
Moving Time: 2:47:39
Avg Moving Speed: 15.1 kph
Calories: 1,307 k C
Equipment: M6L-X (44T chain ring)

Started from Shimo Yoshida Station.

Found a local shrine on the way.

Gradually gaining elevation. On the way of hill climb to Misaka Pass, a view of Mt. Fuji appeared time to time.

The mountain, Mount Mitsutoge, was filled with autumn colors.

At 1300 meters above sea level, a whole body of Mt. Fuji suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

I love to see this snow capped Mt. Fuji. Sacred and majestic.

Before long, I arrived at Tenka Chaya, where a Japanese famous novelist Dazai stayed to name it Tenka Chaya, meaning the best view of Mount Fuji.

She is Koume, a restaurant dog. 

After freezing ride in the mountain, I enjoyed Hoto, a signature noodle menu in the restaurant.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Brompton goes to Yarra Valley Trail Stage 1A

Last Sunday I enjoyed a ride on the newly opened Yarra Valley Trail.

[ride info]
Lilydale Station - Yering Station (return trip)
Distance: 17.32 km
Time: 56:28
Average speed: 18.4 kph
Road condition: gravel
Equipment: M6L-X raw

I started from Lilydale Station in the morning before strong south wind blew.

Near Coldstream Station. A half way of the stage 1A.

A lot of riders and runners were enjoying the trail early in the morning.

The current trail, Stage 1A,  ends in 7.5 km at Yering Station.

The trail is expected to continue toward Yarra Glen Station. According to Yarra Ranges Shire Council, Stage 1b, 4.5 km from Yering to Yarra Glen Station, requires more approvals and is more complex to construct, including bridge renovations and constructions over creeks and rivers. The work of stage 1b is expected to commence in March 2020 and should be open to the public by the end of 2021.

Though the work might not be so easy, I wish to ride through the way soon. Please share my excitement through the video clip of my return ride to Lilydale Station. It was nice!

An aerial shot of Yarra Valley Trail Stage 1A by Yarra Ranges Council. (external link)

Monday, January 27, 2020

Beach Trail Ride (Melbourne Brompton Club)

As an MBC's January activity, 11 Bromptons went out for a beach trail ride today.

Some of the members joined breakfast with visitors from Indonesia.

Other members assembled at 9:30 am to start the ride.

[ride data]
Route: Arbory Bar & Eatery - Dockland - Princess Pier- St Kilda Pier - Brighton Beach - Port Melbourne ( - Flinders Street Station)
Distance: 35.28 km
Average speed: 16.2 kph
Equipment: M6L-X raw

Video clip from our ride.

Distance to the Princess Pier was 9.95 km. Garmin 130 works well. It's nice as it weighs only 33 g.

Photo shoot of 11 Bromtons in a row.

Nice Gelato at Sunset Kiosk on St. Kilda Beach. I liked Summer Strawberry.

Then, we moved on to Brighton Beach.

Enjoyed a perfect ride on a beautiful summer day. Dayna, thanks for organizing this!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Escape The City And Explore

Let's escape the city and explore. Brompton brings you to adventures which you have never experienced.

I post some of my adventures with Brompton, exploring Japanese high mountains and being dipped in wonderful hot springs in the great nature.


Brompton Peak Hunting and Hot Spring - Mt. Hakuba Norikura 2,469 m
Brompton S2L and I went over a part of the ridge of the Japanese North Alps, the highest mountain range in Japan with those around 2,000 - 3,000 meter peak elevations, to dip in the Renge Onsen, a mountain hot spring with the best panoramic view located in another side of the mountain.

Adventure for your own wild hot spring - Yumata Hot Spring
Brompton and I went to Yumata Onsen, definitely the most secluded hot springs located deep in the Takase Valley.

Mt. Nasu - Beautiful Snow Mountain with Brompton
Brompton and I went for a snow ride to Mt. Nasu. In order to secure the ride on snow-covered road, Brompton was equipped with a pair of 16-inch stud tires.

Brompton and I  traced the Grand Old Route to Kamikochi.

Mount Gongen, A Paradise of Trail Ride - Mt Gongen 1,312 m
Brompton and I climbed Mt. Gongen up to watch over Mt. Fuji with a snow cap.

Let's go to Nakabusa Hot Spring for a snow ride and downhill
I went to Nakabusa Hot Spring for a snow hill climb with Brompton equipped with a pair of 16-inch stud tires.

A hot spring experience deep in the mountain - Akayu Hot Spring
Brompton and I went to Akayu Onsen which is located deep in the Kiyotsu River.

Bromptons went to the best Island hot springs ever in the world
Bromptons went to the best island onsen located in the Shikine-jima Island. The setting of this onsen couldn’t be more dramatic: it’s located in a rocky cleft in the seashore of the tiny island Shikine-jima. The hot spring pools are formed by the seaside rocks all in nature. It only works when the tide is right.

Hot spring experience after a volcanic mount trail ride - Mt. Adatara 1,699 m
Brompton and I went to Kurogane Onsen where the fresh hot spring is gushing out from the ground of Mount Adatara, an active volcano located in Fukushima Prefecture.

Akiyamago, the most secluded mountain village in Japan
Brompton and I went to Akiyamago, one of the most isolated mountain villages in Japan and located deep to the end of the Nakatsugawa Valley.