Thursday, November 17, 2016

KTC 15mm Pedal Wrench (MS3-15T)

KTC's light combination wrench is best fit for Brompton. 

KTC light combination wrench 15 mm MS3-15T

It is useful for removing and fixing Brompton pedals and wheels which are often too tight to be removed by other regular portable wrenches.

The wrench is artistic in its design as well as made extremely precise. Please see its grip engraved with lovely cherry blossoms flowing on the river surface. This is indeed a made-in-Japan tool which accommodates both art and quality.

KTC is an abbrebiation of Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. in Japan's old town Kyoto with more than 1200-year history. A Kyoto company often shows elegance even in such industrial products.

-Kyoto tool co., Ltd.
-Double-nut tightening and loosening is convenient for working in narrow gap light wrench.
-Total length is longer than the standard type, easy to add power.
-Undergone a design through the petals of cherry blossoms in the Takase River in Kyoto City to the pattern of river.
-Prevents the concentration of stress in the diameter of the glasses wrenches side, bolt and nut power fit shape has been adopted. * Please note put too much power in so long in length, light type.
-Weight: 105 g

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Poralis Folding Bike Pod for Brompton

Do you know Poralis Folding Bike Pod? I suppose that it is a perfect bag for your airline travel with Brompton.

I used to travel abroad with my Brompton in the B-bag. The B-Bag is designed to carry Brompton when travelling abroad by plain. It is said that the B-Bag is well padded for protection while the strong straps and caster wheels enable to transport from point to point.

However, frankly speaking, B-bag is not the best solution. The bag is not so portable. Because of its two wheels only style, I always struggled to drag the bag and another suite case from the airport to train station, the  train station to hotel, and from the entrance of the hotel to the room. The bag is well padded but basically soft case. Sometimes a bike suffers a minor damage due to rough handling in a certain airport. In addition, I often experienced damage and tear of the bag itself due to its fragility in its straps.   

What is the option other than B-bag? There is a popular alternative of B&W hard shell case though only the case weighs 7.36 kg. Adding 12 kg of Brompton, approx.20 kg is too heavy, isn't it? We are anxious of possible extra charge for overweight. 

I recommend Polaris EVA Folding Bike Pod to you. It only weighs 4.6 kg. Light but durable enough and simple to store the bike inside.

The Eva Folding Bike Pod is a zip opening suite case with wheels and a built-in telescopic handle. EVA has high impact strength and ideal for bike luggage. The design has been moulded to fit a folding bike (Brompton) for maximum protection during air transportation and transit. The industrial strength zip entry is backed up with quick release buckles and straps. 

I will use the Bike Pod when I go to New Zealand South Island for adventure next month.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jells Park, Chesterfield Farm, Scotchmans Creek Trail and Gardiners Creek Trail

It is quite a fine spring day. Why not going out for a ride?

Today Brompton and I visited Jells Park and Chesterfield Farm.

After then, we came back to CITY via Scotchmans Creek Trail and Gardiners Creek Trail which is joining to the Main Yarra Trail near Kooyong to follow the city center.

Distance 35.8km 
Max. Difference of elevation 149m
Average % of Slope total: -0.2% ascent: 3% descent: 2.4%
Acquired elevation ascent: 66m descent: 305m

A train from Flinders reached Glen Waverley Station. I unfolded my M6L-X to start for Jells Park.

There were a lot of groups of families and of friends in the park.

There were lots of runners and riders on the trail.

Chesterfield Farm. Let's experience country life in the city. The farm's concept is quite similar to Enomoto Farm which is near Tokyo. 

Good morning.

He is also a member of the farm animals. 

I asked a cup of milk and a piece of meat pie to fuel myself. The pie was most delicious ever!

Shall we go back to the city.

A great spring day. On the way back, I met a variety of colorful flowers in full bloom.

After an hour and half, we arraived in the city. It was a nice trip to suburb and good bike trails.