Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brompfication QR Platform Pedals (Ultra light weight)

Brompfication offers Ultra light weight QR Platform Pedals. They are suitable for use with Brompton Bikes. You can reduce the weight by approx. 225 grams from the original pair. The price is about 150 US dollars, which means 6.7 cents per gram. Isn't it reasonable in order to reduce total weight of the bike compared with other parts ?

Brompfication QR Platform Pedals 
The pedal body is extruded and CNC machined in magnesium, and then powder coated black. With a platform that are 75 mm long by 65 mm wide, the pedal is inherently light weight, but the platform is still large enough to provide a stable grip for your foot. Titanium are used for the coupling and 7075 aluminium for the sleeve - spring and balls are made from stainless steel. This pedal will save you 225 grams over the original Brompton folding pedal.
A sealed bearing and a PU bushing are used to keep the pedal spinning smoothly. Additional seals are installed on either end of the pedal body to keep dirt and moisture out.
Weight: 175 grams/pair Platform size: 75mm x 65mm
(source: Brompfication homepage)

The pedal platforms are made of magnesium. Ultra light weight.

Easy to install. Just use 8 mm Hex wrench.

Right pedal is quick release. Titanium are used for the coupling. The sleeve is made of 7075 aluminium.

Just one click to use like this. No tool is needed.

Left pedal is not removable as the original equipped one is.

I equip the pair with my S2L today and plan to improve the result at the Mt. Fuji Hillclimb race scheduled in next June.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Highest mountain pass with Brompton

Weeks ago Brompton and I went to Oodarumi Pass, with an elevation of 2,365 meters, the highest paved pass available for a vehicle.

Public transportation (bus) brings you to the pass during summer and fall.

Before a downhill, let's climb Mt. Kokushi to enjoy panorama from its peak.

What a beautiful sky!

There were a dozen of people at the peak.

Do you see Mount Fuji appearing its top behind a cumulus cloud?

The Kofu basin where I started this morning was quite far away.

Then getting back to the entrance of trail, I unfolded the bike and started downhill.

Clouds gradually covered blue sky and temperature declines to chill Brompton and me.

Yellow leaves of of larch trees covered a mountain and a road.

On the way  the beauty of brilliant autumn leaves took my breath away.

A winding road continued through yellow autumn tints.

Variety of beautiful autumn colors grabbed my attention. 

After an hour downhill, we were reaching the town of the Kofu basin.

The road to Oodarumi pass finally closed a few days ago (November 26) due to snow fall and road surface freezing. Winter comes and the road will open next spring.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Brompton to meet Snow Monkeys (Jigokudani Onsen)

Do you know snow monkeys?

A gourp of monkeys in Jigokudani Onsen Wild Monkey Park enjoys a hot spring everyday. If you have Brompton, you can easily go out for a day trip to the place from Tokyo with the combination of railways and Brompton.

Today Brompton and I went to Jigokudani Onsen for a day trip to see those monkeys and enjoy one of the secret hot spring there. This secret hot spring is famous for the first monkey who experienced a hot spring in the world.

Shinkansen (super express) Tokyo Station Lv. 7:24 Nagano Station Ar. 8:48
Nagano Railway (express train "SNOW MONKEY") Nagano Station Lv. 9:08 Yudanaka Station Ar. 9:53

[Brompton to ride]
Yudanaka Station→Jigokudani
Distance 5km

You start here, Yudanaka Station, to ride Brompton.

You go to Jigokudani via two Onsen Villages, Yudanaka Onsen and Shibu Onsen.

When you go out of Shibu Onsen Village, you need to ascend the narrow road.

Finally you reach Jigokudani.

There are a lot of monkeys, behaving quite naturally. They are not at all hostile to visitors.

Finally, you can meet monkeys in a hot spring!

On the way back, I dropped by Korakukan, a lodge with Rotenburo, an outside bath.

There are some cautions to monkeys. But sometimes monkeys violate the rule.

I shared a hot spring with this guy. You may experience bathing with him or his friends if you are lucky!