Sunday, June 26, 2016

Main Yarra Trail

Last weekend Brompton and I went for a 40 km ride through Main Yarra Trail from Eltham to CBD.

Route: The Main Yarra Trail (Eltham Station to Melbourne CBD)
Distance 39.8km
Average Speed: 18.8 km/hour
Max. Difference of Elevation: 51m
Average % of Slope: total -0.1% ascent 3% descent 3%
Acquired Elevation: ascent 240m descent 276m

Toward north east from Melbourne Flinders Street Station, it takes an hour to get to Eltham Station where is close to the start point of The Main Yarra Trail.

Brompton confortably went over the trail moderately undulating.

The trail continued alongside the river.

It was a popular trail. There were a lot of people running and walking. I met so many bike riders on the trail.

I was passing a section called Yarra Bent. The road around had ups and downs to place a moderate stress on my physical. Because of its location of a height, the views were great to overlook the CBD.

Before dark Brompton and I arrived in Melbourne CBD. The distance of the ride was 39.8 km. It was a good ride.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The road to the summit of Mt. Dandenong

Yesterday Brompton and I went to the peak of Mt Dandenong with an elevation of 633 meters above sea level.

[Ride Data]
Route: Upper Ferntree Gully Station (Belgrave Line) → Sassafras → Olinda → Summit of Mt. Dandenong
Distance: 15.9km
Max. difference of elevation: 503m
Average % of slope: 3.1% (First 5 km 7.1%)
Total ascent: 649m (descent: 150m)

Brompton and I started the ride at Upper Ferntree Gully Station. As some of you may know, a part of Belgrave Line was under maintenance works last weekend. I took a tram with folded brompton from CBD to Camberwell Station then changed to Metro Belgrave Line. A portability is one of Brompton's advantages. 

The first 5 km was relatively hard because an average inclination recorded 7.1%. It means that I ascended by 351 meters for the distance of only 5 km.  

After the first section, the slope gradually became less steep.

On the way, I found a lot of people and cars in Sassafras. All the parking spaces were full. Miss Maples Tea Room was amazingly crowded.

The road continued and we were passing Olinda.

Interesting! Cameria blooms in June.

Brompton and I were approaching the peak.

When I saw the transmission towers, I understood that the location must be a peak.

Finally reached the summit. I took a rest for a while and overlooked Melbourne from the mound. But....wait! Why there are only a few people here? Where is that famous Sky High Restaurant? 

Fifteen minutes later I found that it was not the peak of Mt. Dandenong but of Mt. Corhanwarrabul with an elevation of 628m, 5 meters lower than Mt. Dandenong. It was a wrong peak.

Hurry! The time is already 11:30. I want to grab one of the seats in Sky High before it becomes full.

Finally I reached the peak of Mt. Dandenong with an elevation of 633 meters above sea level.

The panoramic view from the peak was wonderful. CBD was clearly seen on that day. However, Sky High was fully booked. I did not know Sky High was that popular restaurant. I must make a reservation in advance when I climb up here next time.

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