Sunday, September 6, 2015

Brompton Peak Hunting and Hot Spring

Yesterday, Brompton S2L and I went over a part of the ridge of the North Alps, the highest mountain range in Japan with those around 2,000 - 3,000 meter peak elevations, to reach the Renge Onsen, a mountain hot spring with the best panoramic view located in another side of the mountain.

The plan was like this: First, transporting my Brompton packed in Carradice Rucksack to the peak of Mt. Norikura, a mountain with an elevation of 2,456 metersAfter the peak hunting, unfolding Brompton there and starting to take a downhill ride to the destination. The mountain trail will be quite wild but I would try to ride as much as possible. 


Early in the morning I got on the cable car from Tsugaike Highland in order to reach the entrance of the trail located at an elevation of 1,900 meters. It's the fastest way to go to the peak.

When I arrived at the trail head, I started climbing the mountain. My Brompton was on my back in the Folding Bike Case Rucksack.

After less than 3 hours of climbing the rocky trail, Brompton and I finally reached the summit of Mount Norikura at an elevation of 2,456 meters. I unfolded my brompton here to start a downhill.

The trekking route from the peak to the hot spring was tricky and tough. It was initially expected to take 2 hours but reality was more than 3 hours!

Due to such wild conditions in the mountain trail, I often needed to transport Brompton like this. Off yer bike was also effective to manage a bike on such a trail.

When I completely used my energy and internal water up, I reached the lodge of the hot spring.  The Renge Onsen is located at an elevation of 1,475 meters. There was covered with a thick fog in yesterday afternoon. 

Let's being soaked in one of the wild open-air hot springs to wash out all the sweat. 

When I finished bathing, I needed to rush to JR Hiraiwa Station, 21 kilometer away from the hot spring, in order to go home by dinner. In such a case, Brompton always did a good job!

After an hour ride and descending by 1,300 meters of its elevation, a local train arrived just on time. 

I changed the train to take Hokuriku Shinkansen at JR Itoigawa Station. It only took 2 and half hours to go home.

Why don't you enjoy mountain trekking in Japanese wonderful high mountains and visit hot springs with your Brompton? It's a great fun!

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