Saturday, September 15, 2018

Brompton 2019 model

Brompton 2019 model is now disclosed. New colors are released while there is no big change in specification.

 (photo source: Brompton Bicycle Official Twitter)

There are 4 new color released for 2019 model. Hot pink comes back to the regular color lineup.

Flame Lacquer
Our popular Lacquer finish, this time with a brighter twist. Flame Lacquer is sure to grab attention. The clear, burnt Orange hue still showcases the quality craftsmanship of the braze.

Papyrus White
If you're looking for something more subtle, Papyrus White is a classic neutral tone. If you'd like to add some colour, Papyrus White compliments well with other colours within the range.

Hot Pink
The public have spoken, Hot Pink is back by popular demand. This vibrant finish is sure to turn heads when you're out and about.

Purple Metallic
Add a little sparkle to your bike. The Purple Metallic is a new finish from the Brompton paint plant. We've introduced Purple into the range with the addition of metallic flakes that glisten in the sunlight.

(photo and text source: Brompton Bicycle Official page

Other than new colors, it is announced that brake calipers return to original cartridge type in 2019 model. It is supposed to be running change.

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