Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Brompton 2018 Model

Brompton 2018 model is now disclosed in Japanese market. The shops are releasing information about the specifications and new accessories.

 (source: Brompton Bicycle https://www.brompton.com/)

Description of New 2018 Brompton

There is no big change in its specification but only small improvements/modification while 2017 model changed a lot.....

1. New Brake Calipers
Brompton Brake Caliper Dual Pivot (Front and Rear) will appear with new shape.
 (source: Brompton Junction Tokyo https://bromptonjunctiontokyo.tumblr.com/)

 (source: Brompton Japan http://www.mizutanibike.co.jp/)

2. M/H and P type Tyre change to Schwalbe Marathon Racer. Possible termination of Brompton original tyres.
specification: 16x1.50 40-305 255g
(source: Schwarbe official page https://www.schwalbe.com)

3. New color 
2018 Black Edition Brompton will have a new color, black lacquer, while Stardust Black will terminate. As long as I speculate, the new color is a bit similar to that color of Yoshi's original Brompton.

Other than black lacquer addition, Raw Lacquer changes to gloss type paint.

left: black lacquer, center: raw lacquer gloss, right: raw lacquer matt
(source: Brompton Japan http://www.mizutanibike.co.jp/brand/brompton/)


Current Black, Lagoon Blue, Berry Crash to only two colors, Black and Lagoon Blue.

Current Lime Green, Lagoon Blue, Black will continue and two more kinds with Brompton designed cover will be added.

There will be two types, Reflective/black and Grey only. 

mini O-BAG
Only Black Reflective will be offered.

Saddle Bag Rucksack
A newly introduced bag for transportation. The new rucksack folds into a saddle bag to attach to the seat post when you start to ride Brompton.  

(source: Y's Road Yokohama official page http://ysroad.co.jp/yokohama/)

You can climb a mountain with your Brompton in this rucksack. Please see the article Brompton Peak Hunting and Hot Spring.


Please note that some information might be only applicable for Japanese market.

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