Friday, April 28, 2017

Wilsons Promontory 1st Day. A road to that Lighthouse.

Have you ever been to South Point?

South Point is the southernmost point of the Australian mainland. It lies at the tip of Wilsons Promontory in the state of Victoria and is a part of Wilsons Promontory National Park.

On a lovely summer day, I happened to find a vacancy at that lighthouse accommodation of the Wilsons promontory. I suddenly decided to go to Proms for South Point.

When I arrived with my Brompton at Telegraph Saddle where one of the trail entrances to South Point and the lighthouse is located, I found that it is a bike-off-limit trail.

Leaving my Brompton at the parking of Telegraph Saddle, I started a track walk toward the lighthouse where I was luckily able to make a reservation.

1st day. 19 km trail walk from Telegraph Saddle to Lighthouse via Roaring Meg. 

Looking back to Telegraph Saddle where I started to walk an hour ago.

After going over a ridge, I arrived at Roaring Meg. I had another 6.9 km to the lighthouse.

After another ridge to go over, I reached the cliff side track to look over a shining white small island in the sea.

Finally reaching the lighthouse on one of the edges of Proms.

Last slope to the lighthouse was really heart-breaking.

Accommodation was more than expected!

Encountering a wombat at first time.

In 1859 the Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse was built on a 90-meter cliff on the point. The tower itself is only 19 meter high. Though quite a few the lighthouses, including Cape Otway Lighthouse, become not in use now, the Wilsons Lighthouse is still active and protects shipping travelling through Bass Strait.

Tomorrow I will visit South Point, the southmost point of Australian continent.

(To be continued)

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