Saturday, May 16, 2015

Three Bromptons reached the Shibu Touge Pass of 2172 meter high

Today three Bromptons went out for a hillclimb ride to reach the Shibu Touge where was the highest point of all the roads in Japan.

route Kusatsu International Ski Resort Parking→Shibu Touge(2172m)→
           Shibu Touge Hotel→Kusatsu Hot Spring Bus terminal
distance 39.3km
max. difference in elevation 1000m
average % of slope total-0.1% ascent5.8% descent5.9%
gained elevation ascent 1092m descent 1144m

An hour and half after starting a ride, we were already beyond 2000 meter high.

In the back we can see a long and winding road extended from the foot to the peak of the mountain.

My friend has caught up with me.

In this high mountain a thick pile of snow was still seen even during mid May.

The three Bromptons were posing in front of a glacier-like snow layer.

The steep slope still continued to the peak.

But, see, what a stunning view it is!

We finally reached the peak of Route 292, the highest point in Japan as a part of all the national roads.

Then we went on another 200 meters to get to the Shibu Touge located at a border of Nagano and Gunma Prefecture. Many skiers enjoyed a plenty of snow here.

I was hungry after a tough ride. Let's have a late lunch at the Shibu Touge Hotel.

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