Saturday, August 26, 2017



Do you know CYCLE AROUND JAPAN? The movie program offered by NHK (Japan's national broadcasting station) proposes a journey in Japan to enjoy the adventure on a bike.

Above all the video clips, I like Paul's journey to Nagano.


Nagano - Life Deep in the Mountains - Broadcast on August 19, 2017

Australian Paul Salisbury takes on the challenge of a 2,000-meter peak in Nagano Prefecture. The Japan Alps mountain pass provides breathtaking views to inspire him onward and upward. Off the bike, Salisbury experiences traditions such as the harvesting of wasabi plants in pristine waters and the making of baskets from wild bamboo. All in all, he travels 300 kilometers across the verdant ridges and valleys of Nagano, finding new encounters around every bend.


Paul visited KaruizawaMatsumoto CastleOtari Hot Spring, and Shibu Pass, one of the highest elevations of the roads in Japan. I have been in all those places with my Brompton. They are all wonderful destinations to go!

Matsumoto Castle

Three Bromptons reached the Shibu Pass of 2172 meter high

A church in Karuizawa

Otari Hot Spring Yamada Ryokan (bath tub)