Saturday, September 10, 2016

Brompton 2017 Model

Details of the 2017 New Brompton have already been disclosed in Japan and major bike shops have announced the news with their commentary.

According to the release, the major changes are as follows:

- New M handle Bar with lower rise but longer Stem (no change in handle height as a result)
- Newly designed Tensioner Nut for Internal Hub
- Integration of Gear Shifter, Brake Lever, and Bell
- Newly designed Lock On Grip with 130 mm length for all the types
- Wider Saddle Option
- Newly added gray color

≪M type & H Type Handle Bar and Stem≫
The rise of New M-type handle bar is shortened by 270 mm from current M-type while the stem gets longer by 270 mm. The handle height is the same. I suppose that rigidity of the handle will increase and good for speeding and mountaineering.

Personally I am most interested in this change and want to swap only new handle bar in my M6L-X raw to lower the handle height. I suppose that the change enables a good balance between stability of M-handle and a forward‐bent posture for speeding.

M Handle Bar and Stem:
Height of Handle Bar: minus 270 mm
Weight of Handle Bar: 245g (-15g)
Width: 530 mm (no change)
Height of Stem: 3270 mm (plus 270 mm)
Weight of Stem: 845g (+15g)

≪Tensioner Nut for Internal Hub≫
The newly designed tensioner nut for internal hub which will enable smoother change of the gear. I want to swap if it becomes available. 

≪Integration of Gear Shifter, Brake Lever, and Bell≫
I suppose that integration of gear shifter, brake lever, and bell coincides with new M handle, enabling to let M-type use a pair of 130mm handle grips. I am not sure if existing riders welcome integration and change to new trigger shift mechanism. I hope if there is no increase in weight in total.

≪Lock On Grip≫
At this moment I prefer the old ones. Lighter. I use glue to fix a pair of color grips and sometimes change the color with easy removal.
Weight 42g each (current: 15g)

≪Wider Saddle Option and optional Saddle Mini Light≫
It is a good idea. Wider saddle option will get wider support among casual riders in town, especially among female riders, for easier and more comfortable ride feel.
 (above: regular, below: wider saddle)

A collaboration with Cateye enables an optional USB chargeable Rapid Mini Light in the back of saddle.


It is almost inevitable for any popular product to shift to high-end (higher price range) up with some fashionable factors for wider market support (larger demand) in the economy.

Brompton has become one of the most popular bike models already with an annual production of 50 thousand unitsIn order to reach the goal of 100 thousand unit production per year by 2021, it is necessary to boost the market demand constantly with its marketing strategy which is getting similar to those of major car manufacturers in the world, making a lot of minor model changes and releasing new color variation every year.  

However, it is concerned that the weight is gradually increasing every year. The weight is one of the key factors which enables Brompton as a best folding bike to distinguish from the others. I retrospect 9.8 kg S2L-X, 10.5 kg S2L and 11.5 kg M3L before 2012. Though I support an improvement for better performance, I still prefer to lighter weight. I hope that Brompton does not give up its endless pursuit to reduce the weight and that it continues to offer less than 10 kg/11kg lineup as a standard model with mad guards and other essential functions. 

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